Bathroom Renovations South Yarra

Bathroom Renovation South Yarra

Don’t you think your bathroom is a bit uninviting for your guests and yourself? Then it is time to upgrade your home to a modern, sleek and aesthetic space. If you are looking for bathroom renovations in South Yarra, Eastern Extensions is the right place for you. With skilled contractors and top-notch materials, you have met the perfect match to bring colour to your living space.  

Renovating your bathroom will bring positive changes to your home and business space. With elevated aesthetic appeal and value to your space, the modern options are bound to suit your modern lifestyle. A modern and renovated bathroom will make your life comfortable and efficient. We have a number of options like ultra-sleek modular bathrooms, walk-in showers, vintage looks, better flooring and lighting. 

What to Look Out for When Renovating your Bathroom? 

Plan and Budget: Fix your desired goal and cost for the renovation project. We can guide you with your choices and make sure that we give you the best within your price range.  

Hire a Contractor: We can offer you a reputable contractor with skills and experience for your bathroom renovation in South Yarra. Ask for references and communicate your needs and requirements within your budget.  

Design and Layout: We will work with you throughout the project to ensure that your space is done right and beautifully. At Eastern Extensions, we assure you to provide you with the best options from flooring to lighting.  

Materials: With us, be assured to get the best materials that are durable, sustainable and that match the aesthetics of your home. We have popular options that will make your space luxurious and modern. 

Renovation and Finish: You can trust our staff with handling the project until its completion. Sit back and enjoy the comforts of your new space.

What Options Do I Have for Bathroom Renovation in South Yarra

Light Options  

Include natural lights. Add options like skylight and windows to brighten your bathroom space to make it more stylish and aesthetic.  

Bold Colours 

Are you tired of the boring lights in your bathroom? Go bold with colours and create and accented the look with our options. From bright and popping colours to pastel shades, we have an impeccable collection to match your vibe.  

Features and Fixtures  

Don’t walk-in showers and technological features excite you? With Eastern Extensions, we have a wide range of options to give a modern touch to your bathroom. With comfort comes ease. Book a consultation with us to get to know more about our new and exciting features and fixtures.  

Bathroom renovations in South Yarra provide an exciting chance to transform your space into a modern and sleek look. At Eastern Extensions, we have new and modular options that suit your needs in terms of quality and finish to create the bathroom of your vision. Contact our local contractor now to book a consultation and get your renovation journey started with us.  

Call us now to get more information about bathroom renovation in South Yarra, or just leave a message and we will contact you soon.

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